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Affiliate program is a great way for you, your organization or your business to earn revenue. We have produced an outstanding documentary for Black girls entitled For Our Daughters. What might be just as good as the film is the 25% commission pay out we are offering. We pay such a commission rate because we want to have as many people as we can promote this film. What’s better than sending an email to your contacts, telling them to support a film that will help our daughters? The answer is: sending an email to your contacts, telling them to support a film that will help our daughters and receiving $5 every time someone orders the film. This allows the word to get out to as many people as possible. This not only aids the young women, their guardians and community who see this informative film, it allows you or your organization to benefit as well. Join Now

How The Affiliate Program Works

Our affiliate program is absolutely free to join. When you become an affiliate, we'll provide you with an affiliate ID, which is used with banner ads, text links, hyperlinks and more. After someone clicks on one of your links, they are "tagged" with your Unique Affiliate ID and sent to our web site page where that particular product is being promoted. If they make a purchase, we can see that you sent them to us, and we pay you a commission on the sale. We track your referrals by using cookies and these cookies last for up to 1 year. Join Now


Through your affiliate account you can track the real time effectiveness of your affiliate campaigns. You can generate reports and as well as have access to vital statistics. Join Now

When Do You Get Paid As An Affiliate?

As an affiliate you get paid 60 days after the initial date of sale regardless of the amount. This allows us some time to process potential refunds. Preferably you will be paid via paypal or by check unless otherwise stated. No matter what, you will be paid on time. Join Now

What Marketing Tools Do You Get As An Affiliate?

As an affiliate you will be provided with email ads, text link ads, banner ads, viral pdfs, articles and other resources that are all accessible through your affiliate account. You will also receive an affiliate newsletter on tips on how to succeed as an affiliate. All we ask is that you are sincere in helping our young people and care about our girls. Join Now